Saturday, June 14, 2008


The new Phoenix MT training center has been established at Gandhipudur, Coimbatore. Neatly set up to handle our small batches of max 10, the air-conditioned lab and separate classroom allow for undisturbed hands-on training.

As training schedules get established and batches fill up, we thought we would just outline briefly for our readers and potential students the bouquet of courses now available here. The initial offering concentrates on the foundational courses designed to effectively produce "industry ready" Medical Transcriptionists.

1. MT I Full Time: This course is your standard Medical Transcription training course, lasts 12 weeks, and demands 6 hours a day of lab/class time, 5 days a week (about 300 hrs).

2. MT I Part Time: As above but spread over 18 weeks for 3 hours a day. Morning and evening schedules are available.

3. CPC-MT: A course that covers all that you need to know for doing MT and spread over 37 weekends, designed primarily for college students and those who work weekdays but can spare their Saturdays and/or Sundays.

4. HT MT I: Especially for housewives, this course in MT skills is geared to home-based skill development, takes 18 weeks, and offers flexi-timings to suit those who have to send their kids off early in the mornings and then make it back home before the kids return from school.

Customized courses are offered for those with a demonstrable knowledge of medical terminology as well as options for more intensive language training for those weak in English comprehension or who have had English as a second language in their schooling. At this center, courses for upgrading to editor/QA level are in the offing.

The Phoenix entrance test helps us to assess the incoming student's existing language skill and it's FREE !

For details on these courses, for how to apply or for scheduling your entrance test, mail us at:
or call +91 9364289696 or land line +91 422 2591758.

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