Sunday, January 25, 2009


There's nothing quite like having a good, secure, job when times are tough all around. MT is like that. There are no rainy days!

We, at Phoenix, are approached daily by folks who are worried about their futures.

Well, with a thorough grounding in MT, your worries are over.

In fact, health and healthcare are basic necessities the world over, so there's never any shortage of jobs to be had if you know MT.

A good grounding such as we provide, with some cooperation from you, will allow you to effortlessly get through your interview for an MT job in any good company.

For those who need hands-on production experience to get their first Home-Based MT job, Phoenix provides production training and referrals.

The skill that you need is not difficult to attain in our customized 20 week (part time) training schedule.

Phoenix gives you 150 hours of theory training and an EQUAL amount of time hands-on at an individual workstation. We teach, and you learn, at a comfortable pace.

In fact we even have a unique and custom designed training for people with certain handicaps. MT can be done effectively with just one functional hand.

MT can be learned by the sight impaired or even by totally blind persons... like the girl on the left.

All the special software needed for blind training is available at Phoenix as is the skill to train...

MT can be done anywhere, even while surfing if you're so inclined.

Medical Transcription is challenging and if you really get into it MT is a fascinating field with lots of space to grow.

The rewards are good pay, excellent job satisfaction, and very good job security - even in hard times.


Anonymous said...

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SBL Transcription services said...

Thanks for this good post...

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Regarding Exxon technologies' offer, we at Phoenix have no comments but be advised that we have no knowledge of this company or of the quality of their program.

SBL... thanks!

medical transcriptionist said...

I think that the MT industry is a good career choice too as it gives you the option to earn good money even at the comfort of your own home plus it also have a really good job outlook for the next 10 years. More and more jobs for the healthcare industry is going to be in demand by that time as people will always take care and spend for their healthcare.