Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phoenix Services

Phoenix provides Expert Training for Medical Transcriptionists and Editors.

We administer the AHEAD scholarship program for deserving young people, those whom we judge to have the aptitude, dedication, and drive, to achieve at the highest levels of this industry. The scholarship includes a placement guarantee.

We also implement the Phoenix Adopt program where, in partnership with leading transcription companies, Phoenix undertakes industry-specific training to tailor and produce the appropriate talent-skills packages that the sponsoring company expects to require.

Phoenix undertakes recruitment, management, counseling, training programs &c leading up to preparation for internationally recognized professional MT qualifications such as the RMT and the CMT.

Phoenix also outsources BPO facilities for select small, medium, and large organizations:

  • Office Management
  • Marketing
  • Equipment Sourcing & Negotiation
  • Integrated Internet Usage and website design-management-implementation
  • Networking
  • Correspondence and Customer Management
  • Business Transcription

Our current typical quote for undertaking Medical Transcription contracts for direct clients is US$ 0.09 per 65 character line for direct upload at 99%+ quality and with a total TAT of 24 hours. We do not undertake subcontracts at all. Stat contracts are also undertaken - mail us!

Uploading and downloading is securely accomplished through our own dedicated FTP server. We undertake contracts in initial steps of 100 to 300 minutes per day (scalable). Other algorithms are possible, so if you have a serious requirement and are looking for quality and consistency then drop us a mail.

We adhere to AAMT norms and HIPAA requirements are completely complied with!

For any enquiries please mail me at or call us at +91-9364289696

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