Thursday, February 7, 2008

Become a Medical Transcriptionist!

The PHOENIX MT PROJECT concentrates on training
Medical Transcriptionists
MT Editors.

Both the selection process and the training offered are thorough, innovative, and unique.

Training: INDUSTRY-READY MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONISTS, trained by a team that is expert, actively involved in production, and very demanding!

No trainee will be certified until achieving the ability to consistently produce the specified number of lines per day (lpd) at better than the quality specified. Editor trainees will be certified only after they consistently produce 98% + accuracy and >750 lpd. Training duration can range from 3 months to 9 months depending on background, performance, availability of time, and the aptitude of the individual. All courses will include 1:1 hands-on computer lab time for at least 50% of the total course time. We also work on incidental skills that can be of great help to all of our students such as "Interviewing Skills" and "Spoken English".


MT (I)
Covering - Language of Medicine, American and British English, MT Essentials, typing, pharmaceutics, KB shortcuts, search and referencing skills, keeping updated, and file management. The course work will inculcate a working knowledge of essential computer skills - including an intro to basic LAN in Windows XP/VISTA, FTP clients, MS WORD, troubleshooting, audio players (with the essentials of file types and CODECS). Also covered will be HIPAA, Client Specs, AAMT guidelines, ISMP-JCAHO guidelines, and MT ethics.

Phoenix turns out competent, self-sufficient, and reliable, MTs. Course duration for full timers is 3 months + 1 month of internship, or 6 months + 2 months internship for part timers. Exceptional candidates may also be eligible to take the AAMT’s RMT* examination on completion.

A special course designed for MTs with variable backgrounds who are already achieving 350 to 400 lines per 8 hour shift and wish to improve. Therefore, this is an open-ended course. The skill set aimed for is to transcribe 800+ lines per shift at accuracies of 98.5% or better with less than 1 major error per 10,000 lines. The course will hone typing speed, comprehension, advanced use of software (with intro to templates, Macros and auto-texting aids), speed search, speed referencing, advanced referencing, online tools, and we will also polish knowledge of disease states, advanced terminology with abbreviations, and introduce enhanced cross-checking capabilities. MT (II) is designed for part time learning, but a full time option may be available for those actively preparing for RMT/CMT* certification. Optionally, instead of preparing for the RMT/CMT*, Medical Coding/Billing skills can be taken up to open up an aditional source of income.

Editing (I) - Candidates will be recruited from MTs who have at least 2 years of on-the-job experience and demonstrate exceptional potential/aptitude for editing. The training can last from 3 months on up depending on the individual. Full time and part time options will be made available. The course will introduce all the elements required for a CMT* foundation and offer the opportunity for well prepared candidates to take the CMT* test.

Selection for all three courses is based both on both Adoption and Direct Recruitment (DR).

a. Adopted trainees would have been recruited in partnership with a transcription company, adopted by Phoenix, and will be given basic training after which they will be specifically geared for the platform and client specs of the particular recruiting company. The recruiting company will bear 50% of the course charges and 100% of the course materials costs.

b. DR candidates will be recruited by Phoenix based on English skill, aptitude, and attitude. Candidates who do not get through immediately on the first attempt will be encouraged to undertake remedial training externally and reapply after correcting their deficits. Overall attitude and aptitude will be given more weightage than knowledge per se.


Scholarships for up to 100% of the course fees are offered but strictly on merit. Scholarship criteria will include demonstrable language skills and/or computer skills, with an emphasis on aptitude and attitude. Scholarships will be granted only on a monthly (but renewable) basis and continuance will depend purely on the candidate’s sincerity and performance. The scholarship test has to be taken in addition to the standard entrance test for each course.

For course timings, batch starting dates, fees, &c please mail us.

Training materials that can be purchased through Phoenix include any of the in-print Stedmans range, the AAMT Book of Style (2nd Edition now approximately $170 + p&p) and the accompanying Student’s Guide as well as texts such as Chabner.

Fees are payable monthly after an initial payment of 50% of the course fee. Materials must be purchased in the beginning at actuals. All quotes are indicative and net, not inclusive of taxes. Taxes will be charged as per the currently applicable laws. The course fees and materials charges are subject to revision at any time.

* The RMT and CMT certifications are both independent tests prescribed by the AAMT that have to be registered into and paid for separately by each candidate. Materials provided by us include the authorized AAMT’s "The CMT Review Guide" (published by Stedmans) that now costs US$ 69.95 plus p&p and will be charged for at actuals.

Placement, for Adoptees that successfully complete the course plus the internship, is guaranteed. Placement help will be provided to all candidates who successfully complete any of our courses.

Because we are trusted by the industry to deliver only quality personnel, we have already successfully placed over a thousand successful transcriptionists in the last couple of years!

Our students have proved

over and over

that with a solid
foundation, and the will to
keep improving,

earning 30,000/- a month
as an MT, or

50,000/- a month as an editor

is no big deal!

Our New Satellite training Center will soon be inaugurated in Coimbatore (RS Puram).


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